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Machine Tool Lubricants

Who is Liquid Ice Corporation?
Liquid Ice Corporation is a North Carolina Company dedicated to producing  "State of the Art" metal working fluids for today's machining requirements.  Liquid Ice Coolants are an alternative to oil-based or semi-synthetic coolants. Our fully water-soluble coolants have superb cooling properties and excellent lubricity.

What is different about Liquid Ice Coolants?
Liquid Ice Coolants have been formulated to provide clear, clean chip flow, with no stickiness on machines, parts or chips. The corrosion inhibitors provide the optimum in tarnish and corrosion prevention on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Best of all, Liquid Ice Coolants will not foam.

Is Liquid Ice Coolant biodegradable?
All Liquid Ice ingredients are engineered to be environmentally responsible, and all our ingredients are highly biodegradable according to EPA, DIN, ASTM, or standard methods and are harmless to the environment. 

Is Liquid Ice Coolant safe for my employees?
Liquid Ice Coolants are and safe to operators. It does not create mists, vapors or odors. Liquid Ice Coolants contain no hazardous or toxic materials.

Is Liquid Ice Coolant safe for Machinery?
YES!  Unlike synthetics or semi-synthetics, Liquid Ice Coolants does not contain any alcohols, glycols or solvents of any kind which dry out seals and agressively attack painted surfaces.  Therefore it is safe for use on your expensive machine tools.

How is Liquid Ice Coolant diluted?
Each situation will vary depending upon the specific water-hardness, type of machining application. As a general starting point, for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, (aluminum, brass, steel or stainless) a concentration of 8 - 10% is used to establish a baseline.  Gradually decrease the dilution by adding make up coolant until the optimum concentration is found for your particular application and situation.

Helpful Hints for maximizing the advantages of Liquid-Ice Coolants.

Click on this printable sheet for simple techniques which will keep your coolant working at peak condition as on the first day you charged the system.


How long is Liquid Ice Coolants tank life?
The tank life of Liquid Ice Coolants is excellent, but varies based with machine usage.  With proper maintenance by the user and good "housekeeping" practices , it will last for 5-7 months in a stand alone machine and is resistant to bacteria and fungus growth in the product.

Where can I buy Liquid Ice Coolants?
All of Liquid Ice Corporation products are sold through local distributors. We are building our network and expect to be available at a distributor near you very soon.  You can contact Liquid Ice Corporation at 800-472-5568 for the name of the dealer nearest you, or to request a sample.

Can I just add water when I need to make up the coolant level?

A mixture of water with some fresh Liquid Ice coolant concentrate is advisable. Although most of the coolant lost will be water due to vaporization, some of the coolant concentrate will be used as well. As an illustration, assume your machine has a 50 gallon sump and you want to charge the system at 10%.   The dilution ratio is 10:1, so 45 gallons of water to 5 gallons of Liquid Ice concentrate.  Further assume that the system will lose 10% of its volume daily (5 gallons) through vaporization, evaporation, carry off, etc.  For purposes of this illustration, assume that most of that loss is water, say 90% (5 gallons).  If the 5 gallons of make up consists of water only, then the overall system is no longer charged at 10%.  If this situation is allowed to continue, then in a very short time the actual coolant in the system will be extremely low resulting in loss of performance and protection.  A good rule of thumb is to use 1 quart of concentrate to 5-gallons of water for your makeup 

What is the HMIS Label and what does it mean?
The HMIS (Hazardous Material Identification System) is a standardized way to compare different chemical compounds.  The items covered are Health, Flammability, Physical Hazard, and Personal Protection.  Ratings for the first three items range from a "0" Minimal to "4" which is severe.   As you can see below, Liquid Ice Coolants are one of the most benign and safe on the market.  The only reason we rate health a 1 instead of 0, is because of a small amount of triethanolamin (TEA) used to make the long lasting rust inhibitors in our coolants.  This is the same ingredient found in most hand creams, shampoos and conditioners.  If OSHA required MSDS sheets on these products, then they too would be labeled a 1.  The actual definition of a one (1) health rating is; "Slight Hazard, irritation or minor reversible injury possible.












CLICK HERE for a printable PDF version of a chart with detailed information of the HMIS (Hazardous Materials Identification System).  Use this to compare how your present coolant stacks up to HP Coolant from Liquid Ice Corporation.

Will Liquid Ice Coolant Foam?
NO!  Under most circumstances, Liquid Ice HP, HPX or VP Coolants will not build up foam in your coolant tank or Sump.  Under high pressure (200 - 1000 PSI), aeration will cause it to look white instead of its normal clear, colorless appearance.  This is perfectly normal, and the coolant will quickly revert back to the fully liquid state within a matter of seconds. 

Can Liquid Ice Coolant be used in sawing applications?
YES, Liquid Ice Coolant will greatly improve sawing of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  Call us for application specific information.

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